Beautiful Bow for gift packing

Polyurethane satin finish Bows for gift packing

They come in three sizes and each  pack contains 10 nos,
Small Rs 100 Per pack ,
Medium Rs 200 Per pack ,
Large Rs 300 per pack.


We at Chocotronix began making chocolates 11 years ago with love and passion.
A decade later, we are still producing fine confections in small batches from the highest quality ingredients, using the recipes and methods which won the hearts of many of our clientele
Our chocolates are the perfect gift for your family, friends, customers and employees at any time, especially during the holiday season.
Chocotronix’s Signature chocolates are made in small quantities, ensuring that you will always have them fresh and custom made.
reach us at +91 80 56 28 45 10
visit our web site

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