Handcrafted Homemade chocolate making classes

Handcrafted Homemade chocolate Manufacturers,Suppliers. chennai

Hi every one

We at Chocotronix began making chocolates 11 years ago with love and passion. A decade later, we are still producing fine confections in small batches from the highest quality ingredients, using the recipes and methods which won the hearts of many of our clientele

Our chocolates are the perfect gift for your family, friends, customers and employees at any time, especially during the holiday season. Chocotronix’s Signature chocolates are made in small quantities, ensuring that you will always have them fresh and custom made.

We can personalize your gifts too, to add a warm touch to it. Remember to order for your own entertainment and to treat yourself, too. Whether you are a first time shopper or are a longstanding customer, we appreciate your business and look forward to serving you.

We are also willing to share our knowledge and the contentment in creating one’s own chocolate for your loved ones and friends .

We conduct chocolate making classes in Chennai and also supply other ingredients and raw materials such as Chocolate slabs, chips ,colorful Aluminum wrappers , molds and designer packing boxes.


Deatails of Homemade chocolate making classes.

Location: Chennai, India

Duration – Half a day

Classes conducted on :  Week days , and holidays ( with prior notice)

Learn to make : Dark chocolates, Milk chocolates , white chocolates, Nutellas ,Dry fruits chocolates, chocolates with Nuts, Soft centered chocolates , liquor chocolates

What you get : Instruction leaflet , all the chocolates made by you .

Opportunities – make chocolates for kids parties , for corporate , gifts to friends and relatives

Reach me at –  +91 80 56 28 4510  , Chennai  , or

mail me at –  chocotronixx@gmail.com

Visit us at http://www.chocotronix.in

Below are few of the wrappers and packing materials which can be used to pack the chocolate .



2 Comments Add yours

  1. K.Arunkumar says:

    Hi i am. K.Arunkumar from KODAIKANAL we are also doing chocolate business can you supply different shape and mould chocolate if so contact me. 9943783657

    1. chocopunch says:

      Hi , yes we can , reach us at 8056284510, there are 100 and odd shapes and comes in different weight. we could discuss.

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